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Changing the world one sip at a time

About us!

We are a small coffee roasting company north east of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Josh is the owner and operator of the business and Courtny helps keep us going through various avenues from moral support to roasting and fulfilling orders as well. We were married in the Spring of 2010 and love working together. We were blessed to have 2 children between the two of us from 2010 until 2022. In the Summer of 2022, we were given the amazing opportunity to become legal guardians of 3 more amazing children. If you tried ordering coffee during that time,  you may have seen that we had even turned our website ordering off.  This small business is all about getting the opportunity to be the change in the world that we long to see. From roasting fair trade coffee to having freedom and ability to bring new kids into our house to love and care for as our own. No matter what we do, we want to change the world.

Why we roast coffee!

Josh began roasting coffee as an at home hobby in 2014. Along the way of roasting coffee he has worked as a Mechanical Engineer and bi-vocational pastor. While serving as a pastor of a small church in Royse City, Josh learned of the global issues caused by the greater coffee businesses. It is not uncommon for normal coffee farmers worldwide to make as little as only 25-50 cents per pound of coffee. From extreme poverty, malnutrition, and family concerns to sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and global crisis. Josh knew that he could no longer support "big business" coffee manufacturers. That cheap coffee is easy to build a business around (and many do), but it was crucial that rather, we look to actively change the world one sip at a time.

From that moment on, Josh felt convicted to find a way to help end this global crisis but had no idea how. His favorite coffee throughout the years prior was a Haitian coffee he stumbled across once but wasn't able to find again. He knew he had to start in Haiti. After searching through multiple whole sale vendors and others, he finally found the supplier he always longed for! Singing Rooster! But they aren't any normal coffee supplier! They are already doing exactly what Josh felt called to do. That is why all coffee we currently offer comes from Haiti. Our coffee is beyond fair trade. We dont offer "cheap" coffees with huge markups. We only offer the best bean. We only offer the finest coffee you could imagine. Our farmers are treated like family. It is our mission to help you realize in this  moment, that your morning ritual can serve a purpose. It can do more than drive sex and drug trafficking and excessive poverty. It can change lives. It can change the world one sip at a time.

Why We Have Music!

Fall of 2022 we have added Music to our website. It may seem a little odd to come to a coffee page for some tunes, but what we have here is legit old school bluegrass. Our family is a family that loves music and that dates back a long time. We have added our first 2 of hopefully more albums to come in the future. These two albums were made in the early 2000's by my grandfather "Pawpaw" but apparently some people call him Stafford Harris! Our family loves music, whether if we are singing, playing, or dancing we enjoy a good hoedown. Currently our family of 7 is taking Piano, Violin, and Guitar lessons! Who knows maybe one of these days we'll have family Albums going up for you to enjoy with your fresh cup o' joe! 

Fresh Roasted Coffee

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