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Got a question?

Why are shipping costs so high?

Actual shipping costs vary by location and item. To simplify shipping and save you money, we have identified slightly cheaper shipping rates than we have been able to secure in order to provide you a simple checkout process. You will find that shipping a single bag of coffee can be very expensive. We recommend buying a minimum of 3 bags of coffee at a time if you are choosing shipping in order to minimize your cost per bag. Alternatively, if you are local, we would love to set up a place to meet and deliver free of charge!

Why Haitian Coffee?

Simply put, Haitian coffee is the best. The coffee plant specifically is the same variety as the very high priced Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (typically $30 per bag or more). In addition, our coffee is greater than fair trade. We have teamed up directly with a coffee provider who works directly with Haitian farmers and guarantees that farmers make a minimum of $3 per pound of coffee. See the about us section to learn more!

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returned coffee; however we strive to have happy customers. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we want to hear from your experience and learn how we can do better. We do guarantee our products are fresh roasted and free from any packaging defects.

Can I order a different size bag?

Right now, we only offer 12 ounce bags of individually packaged coffee. We have decided that 12 ounce bags work best with our average customer from a fairly large case study. If you would like to purchase a larger amount of coffee, we recommend that you purchase more individual bags of coffee at a time and keep unopened, sealed bags in your freezer to help slow the aging process.

Can I get flavored Coffee?

We have experimented with a few coffee flavors previously and found that regardless of what we offered, coffee sales of flavored coffee did not work. If you would like flavored coffee like pecan, pumpkin, spice, or anything else, we recommend you purchase coffee oils and flavor them when brewing your cup. You can add as much or as little as you like without having to worry about anything else. You can also enjoy fresh roasted coffee without flavors if you like!

Do you sell wholesale?

We would love to team up with local coffee shops, restaurants, and McGrew's Brew Aficionados! Please contact us directly if you are looking to purchase our coffee in bulk (more than 5 bags of the same roast at a minimum).

How long is the coffee fresh?

Your whole bean coffee in its original packaging should retain its freshness for up to 6 months unopened. Once a package is opened and exposed to fresh air, the coffee quality will begin degrading. Ground coffee will lose its freshness sooner than whole bean coffee due to the surface area exposed after grinding. Some customers believe that freezing your coffee ensures greater freshness. Let us know your opinion! 

How should I store my coffee?

Your individual bag of McGrew's Brew is delivered in a resealable package with an air valve. This bag style helps ensure the longest freshness possible. After making your morning coffee, reseal your bag using the zipper bag and squeeze all air out of your bag. Some customers believe that freezing your coffee ensures even greater freshness. Let us know your opinion!

Is your coffee organic?

Our coffee is not certified organic however it is grown in fair conditions in Haiti. We have hand selected our coffee processor due to the fair trade ethics shown on the ground in Haiti. While we are not using certified organic coffee, the processor used is more than Fair Trade and is also active in the reforestation effort in Haiti.

What is fair trade coffee?

Fair trade coffee is coffee that has been certified under the fair trade federation to meet many rigorous standards to ensure that your coffee is not causing more harm than good. The coffee market worldwide has been a major contributor to global malnutrition, sex trafficking, and drug trafficking. Processors who refuse to pay coffee farmers fair amounts leave more devastation than good. All coffee sold by McGrew's Brew is MORE than fair trade. This is the main reason why chosing to drink McGrew's Brew helps change the world one sip at a time.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

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